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Credibility and independence play a major role in auditing: outsiders need to be confident that the auditing verdict of a company is true and correct. Business owners need to be sure that the result is solid.

The core field of auditors has traditionally been the auditing of yearly financial statements. In this area, we have many years of experience and extensive industry knowledge. Furthermore, the processing of various special audits is one of our areas of expertise. We ensure reliable, efficient, and high-quality auditing every time.

Overview of Services

  • Auditing of annual financial statements
  • Auditing of consolidated financial statements
  • Due-diligence auditing
  • Auditing of public companies
  • Voluntary audits
  • Examination of remedial designs
  • Fraud audits
  • Insolvency testing


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We have been collaborating with the same partners for many years. You benefit from our network, and we can continue to create value.

Network partner

GBZ Revisions und Treuhand AG

Location Kassel:
Wilhelmshöher Alle 292
34131 Kassel

Location Marburg:
Auf der Appeling 12
35043 Marburg


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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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